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What does Robert Value?

Robert Scoville upholds many core values, one of them being the fight for social justice where it is needed. We need to live in a society where people don't merely support change, but fight for it. Read on to learn more about the issues facing all Idahoans and how Robert plans to overcome them.

School Bus & Children


Idaho is in last place in the U.S. in per-student spending on education. It has been proven that an educated population has lower crime and poverty rates. I will never stop fighting for increased teacher and support staff pay, increased per-student spending, and adequate facilities to educate your children.



Idaho's correctional policies have resulted in an incarceration rate of 776 per 100,000 residents. Addressing non-violent and drug offender rehabilitation will decrease our overburdened corrections system.

Lake View

Public Lands and the Environment

Idaho's vast public lands and pristine landscapes draw us to the great outdoors. Protecting public lands by reforming the 1872 mining law will strengthen fish, wildlife, and water resource protection. Ensuring responsible development of wind and solar power generation on public lands sustains wildlife for future generations.



Caldwell is one of the fastest-growing cities in America. A sustainable future needs affordable housing, infrastructure, and water resources. Responsible management of your surplus tax dollars and developer impact fees is crucial for responsible growth.



Fighting for increased corporate tax contributions with comprehensive tax reform that serves the public good and societal needs is foundational to what Idaho needs for a prosperous future. Let's stop shoveling revenue surplus to out-of-state companies when we have education and infrastructure investment needs. I will fight to adjust tax subsidies, such as the grocery tax, that disproportionately benefit the wealthy.


Political Divisiveness

Idaho has politicians that openly support voter suppression, align with violent racist organizations, and seek to hold power using distortion and lies. As your representative, I will not sit on the sidelines while a well-funded national network seeks to destroy the soul of our nation. No one group or person has a monopoly on freedom or patriotism; we all share in the opportunities, failures, and successes in our great State.

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